Today WDFN‘s Stoney and Wojo break down Spartan Coach Mark Dantonio’s comments after the Penn State game and whether they were directed at Michigan’s dismal season.  Here’s the transcript:

Donny Shane: “I know it’s demoralizing. Is it in a way, the way things worked out, at all embarrassing, or is that not fair?”
Dantonio: “Embarrassing out here? You know, I play the game, we coach the game. You know, you do this long enough you’re going to have days like this. So, as I said before embarrassing would have been 3-9 coming into this game.”

There’s been a few questions whether this was directed at Michigan. Let me clear up the confusion: of course it was directed at Michigan. What, did he pull 3-9 out of the air? He didn’t like the question, but you could tell he had a little something in his holster he wanted to throw out.

As frustrated as he was after the game, Dantonio should have stuck to talking about his team, his coaches, Penn State or the upcoming bowl game. There’s so many great things about this season for State including a likely New Year’s Day bowl game (I don’t think they’ll get passed up for Iowa), why put the focus back on Michigan?

But for backers of ol’ Mich, the fact is if you go 3-9 and you’re Michigan, you’re going to get picked on. That’s that just the deal, brother. Ask yourself why you wanted to watch the Notre Dame/Syracuse game on Saturday afternoon. That’s just the way it is.

I don’t mind the talk. Speaking of Notre Dame, comments like the Charlie “Pear Bryant” Weis’ “To Hell with Michigan” just serve to stoke the rivalry flames and make the game that much more interesting.


  1. I love how all these State fans love that Spank'Tonio is "fueling the rivalry." Right. He asks for a "moment of silence" after Michigan's App State loss last year (he says this during the press conference after his first victory as Sparty's head coach no less); he mocks Mike Hart's height in response to Hart's smack-talking (classy personal attack, coach); he said he's pulling for OSU over Michigan (despite the fact that an OSU win would kill any hope of Sparty getting to the Rose Bowl), etc., etc., etc. He's way too consumed with Michigan — and if this latest 3-9 comment was directed at Michigan (and I'll agree with the majority of the WDFN callers who think it was), then it's just more validation of the "same old Sparty" mentality that "it doesn't matter if we lose every game as long as we beat Michigan." Have fun with that, coach.

  2. 9-3, 3-9. It's our record, flipped.

  3. Lew…..sounds like Coach may have gotten under your skin. It is clear from your rant that you have a lot of pent up anger & frustration stemming from this years 3-9 record, and that's OK. If attacking our Coach helps you deal with it….I am cool with that.

  4. How sanctimonious of you BiggieMunn. When Moo U. learns to compete for the Big Ten title more than once every twenty years, then feel free to mock Michigan. In the mean time, isn't there a T-shirt or a countdown clock you should be working on?

  5. Oh, we're in for a fun off-season in the state of Michigan! Sparty has this year and (maybe) next year to have its fun. After that, I'm confident Dantonio will make like Nick Saban and take a lateral job someplace far away from Big Brother.

  6. How about Michigan Farm School fans stick to their little websites. Beat it, you don't matter here.

  7. I laugh every time I hear that man talk. He is so obsessed with Michigan it is not even funny. He is just like every state fan out there who would rather see Michigan lose than their own team do well. He fits in perfectly and I can't wait until Michigan starts beating them to a pulp again in the years to come.

  8. I appreciate everyone's concern and advice. Enjoy the bowl games boys….

  9. Truth – Biggie's a long time poster here and he's alright in my book. Good to get a little Sparty perspective every once in a while. Speaking of Bowls, we can only hope OSU gets a BCS at-large and Sparty ends up playing Alabama in the Citrus Bowl. Now that would be fun.

  10. He's a good coach, but he seems just irrational enough to me to keep State from ever getting over the hump. Which is just terrific. He's perfect for them. They'll love him and he'll ride the 7-5 train with just enough 9-3 years sprinkled in to keep that train rolling forever.

    Of course it would be glorious in a "hahahahahahahaha" kind of way if he left them for Tennessee.

  11. I had the same reaction as Whois when I first heard the comments by Coach D. Sports radio has decided that they know what Dantonio meant by his response and ran with it. It's good radio…..stirs up the fan bases. That being said, they could very well be correct. MD has made it clear that he does not like UM and is willing to pick a fight. From my perspective it is kinda refreshing based on how lopsided this rivalry has been. If State can validate this years win with a victory in 2009….it will be on like donkey kong.

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