Thanks to YouTube user ‘Shawn92101’ who posted this interesting video. Claims to be a turn of the nineteenth century look at Fielding Yost’s point-a-minute teams, in action versus the University of Chicago.

The film title claims this footage was from the game played in 1903 (which would have been the November 26, 1903 in Chicago where the Victors continued their reign of romp, running up 28 to Chicago’s 0). But I think they missed it:

Based on a panoramic game photo, it looks to me as though this game was played at FerryRegents Field, so I’d guess this is actually the 1904 game vs. Chicago that was played in Ann Arbor and the Wolverines won 22-12. Check it out:

Shawn snagged the video from the free database at the Library of Congress, which has a nice collection of photos and videos. Check it out here, search on Michigan football.


  1. Your theory has been a widely-established fact for some time although you got the name of UM’s home stadium for 1904 wrong. I believe Vijay at iBlog for Cookies posted the same photo/screenshot comparison like 2 years ago.

  2. Thanks duh. I didn’t think this was any groundbreaking news, glad to see it’s been pointed out before.

  3. Ah yes, back when michigan was relevant in college football.

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