Ahh, the 1997 ring saga continues.   Thanks to friend of blog Craig Ross (with a hat tip to Brian at mgoblog) who passed along this info about the 1997 Championship Ring that is up on eBay right now, bearing the name Scott [sic] Loeffler:

…I just talked to Scot.

1. The ring was stolen (in Arizona ) and Scot procured a replacement ring. He still has that ring and his national championship ring. He will never sell these. Scot has never been on e-bay in his life; has never sold anything on e-bay. He did not sell this ring or give it away. It was stolen.

2. Scot, recall, did not leave the UM. He was terminated with the rest of the staff (except Fred Jackson). Scot continues to have strong connections in Ann Arbor and continues to love the University. He is proud to be a graduate and proud to have coached here. He is mortified that anyone would think otherwise.

So there you go. 

This is backed up by MVictors reader ‘bluchip’, who posted this comment recently, similar story, more details, the exception being it “lost” vs. “stolen” which might be subjective when dealing with hotel rooms:

Scot lost it four or five years ago in a Phoenix hotel while on a layover during a west coast recruiting trip as a Michigan coach. Shortly thereafter Michigan Football staffer Scott Draper ordered him a replacement ring which Scot now has in his possession. He never sold the original, never pawned it or gave it away. How it ended up here is anyone’s guess. I know Scot is trying to get the original back, but I doubt he is going to pay a ransom for it, and neither would anyone else if they had already been given a replacement. Any help with getting it back would be appreciated by Scot and his family. He can be contacted through the University of Florida Football office.

The ring is still up on eBay, current auction price $1,742.50.


  1. I thought eBay had a policy about not selling stolen merchandise…

  2. Update> I have texted with Scot and he is aware of this. As of a few minutes ago this was taken off of eBay Scot has access to an attorney in Phoenix. My thanks to to the MGoBlog community for tipping me off about this as I was one of the bidders. Kudos to all of your community for their assistance. You are truly "Leaders and Best".

  3. I reported this to the Phoenix Police Department and this was their response as of 3:25 PM:

    Thank you for the information. Our Property Crimes Bureau is working with the owner of the ring to return it to him.

    Officer Jennifer Eastman
    Internet Detail
    Public Affairs Bureau
    Phoenix Police Department
    Visit us online at http://www.phoenix.gov/police