Same yellow envelope, same dot matrix printed ticket summary, new season.  The 2010 season ticket renewals hit mailboxes today.   Notes:

  • Price is $375/seat.  Of course the required donations are handled through the Victors Club priority points program and outside of this.
  • This is of course the first season with the boxes and the club level seating.  You have to wonder how many folks who moved to the premium seating will reject their regular seats.  I don’t think there will be much movement but we’ll see.
  • Ticket holders are also able to purchase additional seats to the 9/18 UMass and 9/25 Bowling Green games for $50/each, and to Indiana ($50) and Purdue ($46) road games.
  • Ticket holders are able to add Big Chill tickets for $15/each to renewal order.

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  1. It would be nice if we had more than 3 weeks to renew our season tickets!