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Notre Dame omitted the losing seasons from Weis’ year-by-year biography on page 15 of the 2009 Spring Prospectus and page 90 of the 2008 football media guide. Among the omissions is the Irish’s 3-9 2007 season.

The 2007 statistics appear on page 91 in the 2008 guide and in the school’s year-by-year history, among other places.

The decision to omit those records goes back to when Weis was hired in 2005 without any prior head coaching experience. Notre Dame’s media relations department said Monday that it treated his coaching history like that of an assistant – only accentuating the positive.

Michigan didn’t exactly highlight the 2008 struggles, at least in the Spring media guide.   The header and all-time coaching record on Rodriguez’s bio clearly points out the 3-9 record, but the bio jumps right from talking about how he’s the 18th U-M football coach and 11th since Yost, and right into his accolades at WVU:


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