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Banners Down | (11/7/2002)

As a result of an internal investigation into the “Fab Five” era and the allegations of improper payments to four players by booster Ed Martin, Michigan imposes sanctions upon itself to keep ahead of the NCAA. Stating that the events were “wrong, plain and simple.” and that “I am determined that nothing like this will ever happen again at Michigan.”

President Coleman also announces that Michigan take the following initial steps to pay penance:

1. Forfeiting 112 games won while four players–Robert Traylor, Chris Webber, Maurice Taylor and Louis Bullock–were on the team, including the 1992 and 1993 Final Fours, and the entire seasons from fall 1995 through spring of 1999.

2. Removing four championship banners that were hanging in Crisler Arena and excising mention of any victories from all programs and written materials. (But somehow it’s OK that they’re stored in the Bentley Historical Library?)

3. Repaying to the NCAA about $450,000 the university received for postseason play with those players.

4. Declaring the men’s basketball team ineligible to participate in the 2003 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Championship Tournament, as well as the 2003 National Invitational Tournament.

5. Placing the men’s basketball program on probation for two years, during which time the president will supervise detailed reports on compliance to be made to the NCAA.

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