January 1, 2013 all-day
Yearly, forever
Rose Bowl

Be advised, this is going to hurt…a lot.

Cardinal* Sin | Stanford 13, U-M 12 (1/1/1972)

More to come…
(*-Yes, at the time, Stanford was the Indians. They ditched the nickname shortly thereafter.)

Phantoms | USC 17, U-M 10 (1/1/1979)

This is not a touchdown.

MVictors on the Phantom Touchdown

Losing the Battle, Winning the War | Arizona State 22, U-M 15 (1/1/1987)

When can a loss become a victory? When that loss convinces your arch-rival that the coach who beat you clearly has a magic formula for beating you.

The Bentley Historical Library game recap.

While U-M held a halftime lead 15-13, ASU’s nine second half points would prove to be the difference and Sun Devils’ head coach John Cooper would become a front runner for the Ohio State job when it came open the next season.

Bo’s Last Game | USC 17, U-M 10 (1/1/1990)

More to come…

Young at Heart | Texas 38, U-M 37 (1/1/2005)

Vince Young man, Vince Young. Hoo boy, Vince Young.

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