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I saw that coming but that didn’t make watching it any easier.  I called it 31-16 in a contest to score one of Bennie McCready’s awesome Michigan football prints on The Fort…Bennie tells me I took second out of over 400 responses.  Weee for me. 

The team played hard and the defense made hits.  All that will be remembered is that we couldn’t handle the heat and took a brutal beating.   Maybe it was the green uniforms against the field, but at times I swear there were a baker’s dozen Spartans in the box.  It felt like 4th and 48 more than the one time it was really 4th and 48.

What’s next?  Another Come to Jesus meeting?  JC is Platinum on Delta by now.  That’d be #4 in 2013 according to my unofficial count.  Feels like splitting the next 4 games would be a great result.

Mood > Battered:


That’s 98% The Blockhams, and 2% MVictors (black eye).  That’s a cheerful trend:chart

Uniforms > Nothing of note beyond Dr. Sap’s concern about the helmets in low light.  Clear now that LHS will remain through the season.  Uniform Timeline here for your reference.

Bruce Gets a Paul >   One Michigan Man took home a Paul Bunyan Trophy and that’s longtime #1000SSS media man Bruce Madej who was honored by the MSU athletic department for his service.   Bruce received a replica Paul, an announcement in the press box, and a hearty handshake from Spartan PR man big John Lewandowski (right):


Calendar >  A packed day on the Michigan History Calendar on today, November 3:

probationNow we can get this thing moving!

Notables > from the game notes:

  • Michigan State reclaimed the Paul Bunyan Trophy with today’s victory. Despite the loss, Michigan holds a 35-33-2 record when the two rivals play for the Bunyan Trophy.
  • Senior kicker Brendan Gibbons converted a 39-yard field goal that banked off the right upright and through to tie the score at 6-6 with 3:22 remaining in the first half. He is now tied with J.D. Carlson (1989-91) for fourth on the all-time FG made list at U-M with 39.


It takes a special kind of failure to achieve such [see rushing #s] lows: complete, utter failure from top to bottom. The gameplan from Al Borges lacked coherence, an issue that’s plagued him during his entire tenure at Michigan. The play-action from under center isn’t fooling anyone and still gets brought out several times a game, yet the shotgun runs somehow lack any sort of constraint or misdirection. A piecemeal offense isn’t going to beat MSU’s defense.

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  1. Greg is a good friend and I contacted him and John U. Bacon (another good friend of mine and Greg’s) Saturday morning and asked them to be “Celebrity Guest Pickers” for the UM-MSU game. The “Pick Score-Win Michigan Football Print Contest” on “The Wolverine” site (hosted by our good friends John Borton, Chris Balas and Michael Spath) has become quite popular and the number of picks and views skyrocketed after it was posted that John and Greg were our “Guest Pickers.” There were 415 entries and Greg took second place! I told him that he had substantially increased his “street cred” as a football analyst. Greg, true to his modest nature, just felt bad that he had picked so well because nobody cares more for Michigan football than Greg does.

  2. What exactly did the probation entail? Did we have NCAA people checking in on us regularly?