1. Obsessed much?

  2. Jackson – the guy left Michigan for Ohio State. What? Jokes are off limits? Please.

  3. Please don’t delete my posts, Mr. Webmaster sir. Michigan jokes are “off limits”, apparantly?

  4. I think Jackson is a douche bag.

  5. He’s a fat lard butt who couldn’t hack a tough workout. If this is a trend on the direction each team is taking, I’m happy. That said, I think the main reason OSU took this slob is two-fold: 1) rub salt in the wound to UM and 2) to get the younger Boren to OSU next season.

  6. His name was made by playing next to Big Jake.

  7. Get over yourselves, ladies. He went to a better program with family values. It was either OSU or App State.

    You’ve got plenty of other fatties on the roster to keep you warm through the winter.