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Michigan Football Tickets

Love the first practice and first game photos – always fun to post.   From 20 minutes of practice today, enjoy:

Devin Gardner - Devin Funchess
Gardner and Funchess and share a laugh


Devin Gardner 6 pack stretching - - MVictors.com

Eight pack of Faygo Orange pop


Jake Ryan - 2013 - Michigan

Jake Ryan . . . with a game jersey including the Bennie Oosterbaan Legend Patch!


Taylor Lewan - Michigan

The big man putting on his clownish shoes


Coach Brady Hoke - 2013 Football Practice

Coach working on a beard?

Rose Bowl logo - Michigan practice field

Reminder of a major goal on the South field wall

Devin Gardner #16


Brendan Gibbons - Michigan PK

Gibby arming himself for battle, still rocking the golden adidas cleats (why would he change?)


Matt Wile with a special kicking shoe; a few guys had the all maize variety like that cat in the background.  [According to this tweet, that cat with the maize kicks is Kenny Allen]




FBs Joe Kerridge and Sione Houma (hair) stroll out of the Glick


Coach Greg Mattison - MVictors.com


Shane Morris - Michigan - MVictors.com

Shane Morris snapping a Slim Jim


Ball on Osterbaan Field House roof - MVictors.com

Mommmm!  Ball’s stuck on the Oosterbaan roof again!


John Wangler - MVictors.com

Johnny ‘frickin’ Wangler, people


Follow MVictors on Twitter those who do saw many of these hours ago! 

Michigan Football Tickets


  1. I have noticed the offensive linemen are wearing knee braces. Mike Tomlin is requiring the Steelers to wear them during camp, I wonder if coach Hoke is doing the same.


  2. Isn’t that newly recruited Jared Wangler in the bright blue Max Ex shirt next to his dad?


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