Guest Post

This one comes again from Schlimmy, who incorrectly took Michigan in the Ohio State game this year, and provided his excellent recap on location from last year’s BCS Championship in Glendale:

Before the game my heart was saying the Buckeyes will pull it out but my brain was telling me otherwise.

The Buckeye’s start was eerily similar to last year title game for the good, but from the middle of the first quarter through the middle of the 3rd quarter it was eerily similar to last year game for the bad. I realized after LSU tied it up at 10-10, the Buckeyes were in serious trouble.

What surprised me most was the ease at which LSU could move the ball on the Buckeyes supposedly #1 defense. As a Buckeye fan, yes, the game was another black eye for Ohio State and for the Big Ten. I think that their soft schedule and the fact the Big Ten was weak this year caught up to them in this game. But in saying this I must say I was pleasantly surprised at their season considering the personnel they lost from the previous season, this was supposedly a rebuilding year for them, and they made it back to the Title game.

Brutus Brightside
The players the Buckeyes lose to the pros this year (Gholston, Laurinitius, Jenkins etc…) will determine where the Buckeyes start next year, but they should be better in 2008 considering they only had one senior start on both offense and defense. So as much as sucks right now for the Buckeyes I expect them to be back in the top 5 next year and potentially playing for the BCS title again.

Outlook next year
On a side note I think next year’s college football season will be amazing, there are several teams that finished in the top 10 this year that will be returning most of their starters. I’m sure people are already throwing out their top tens for next year so I guess I will do the same:

Schlimmy’s Top Ten:
10. Clemson
9. Missouri
8. Virginia Tech
7. West Virginia
6. LSU
5. Ohio St.
4. Georgia
3. Oklahoma
2. Florida
1. USC


  1. Wow, I put Ohio State at #5 under the assumption they would lose Gholston, Jenkins and Laurinaitis to the NFL, now that they have only lost Gholston I believe we will see a titanic clash of #1 v #2 when Ohio State visits USC in prime time at the coliseum- the countdown has already begun for next season.

  2. Great – you guys can get your asses handed to you at the beginning of the season this year!

  3. They might get beat by USC but there is a good chance they could run the table after that, and might be back in the Title game, I’m thinking all the SEC teams will beat each other at least twice and we could have a USC-Ohio St rematch in the Title game, I don’t want to get to far ahead since we have several months before the season begins again, but it’s fun to speculate.