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Photo: Bettmann/Corbis

If you missed it, in the wake of the allegations that A-Rod ran a pitch-tipping scheme earlier in his career, here’s a story from the NY Times about the Tigers gift wrapping an at-bat for Yankee legend Mickey Mantle.  An excerpt:

“When I got there, Denny said, ‘Hey, big guy, should I let him hit one?’ ” Price recalled Thursday night in a telephone interview. “I said it was a great idea. Mickey was always nice to me. So I went back behind the plate and Mickey, like he always did, was tapping the plate with his bat when I said, ‘Want us to groove one for you?’ ”

Mantle apparently didn’t believe Price, but when he saw McLain nodding on the mound, he understood what was going on.

“High and tight, mediocre cheese,” Price said Mantle responded.

Full story here.

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