1. Ah yes . . . that photo was a staple of the Michigan Daily’s annual April Fool’s issue.

  2. Here’s a great article by Chris Balas at The Wolverine, “What was missing from the Fab Five documentary”:

  3. A thought: Would you rather have people representing U of M calling other people ‘Uncle Toms’ or would you prefer people with class like this man?

    Losing a few games in the early 90s is no big deal, but they continue to lose over and over.

  4. I’d hardly say that Grant Hill’s response was classy. This was a little over the top: And, I am proud I never lost a game against the Fab Five.

    Also, the way he left the Pistons wasn’t exactly classy, though in the intermediate run, the fact that Detroit was able to pull of a sign and trade helped the franchise along for a good 6 years.

  5. Tony, you understand that Jalen was saying he thought that Duke players were “Uncle Toms” when he was 18, right? He didn’t say he thinks that about them now. For some reason a lot of people, including Hill himself, entirely missed this distinction.

  6. Hill’s response was full of cheap shots, and he must not have listened to Jalen, who was describing how he felt at age 18. In fact, Hill (who I generally have great respect for) wrote a piece which was clearly vetted with Yale and Duke English Depts, and some PR firm, before that great journal for the upper class — the NYT — fell all over itself to offer its space. But Hill’s piece might as well have been written by some priggish Victorian member of the House of Lords, feeling spleeny because the pesky underclass dared speak about the jaundiced and grimey life-view bred by living not only without privilege, but also without money. And why throw in the stuff about Duke having been 3-0 against UM? — what does that have to do with it. Grant achieved the opposite effect he aimed for.

  7. Classy. It’s Jackson who is the ‘hater’. What else is he doing by grabbing his sack other than expressing his contempt and hate towards whomever witnesses this demonstration? I’m sick of the word ‘hater’ being thrown around anytime you disagree with someones behavior or beliefs.

  8. We’re the University of Michigan, one of the world’s leading educational institutions, and we’re mocking someone for writing well and sounding educated (or for writing for the NY Times!)? He could have vetted it with U of M’s English department too. If a U of M graduate lacks intellectual sophistication and maturity, something has gone wrong.

    Rose said that’s how he felt at 18 and Jackson (or King) said he thought they were “bitches”. Neither said that their minds had changed, that there was anything wrong with it, or addressed it in any way. They let it stand.

  9. @Tony
    Huh? Jalen has said over and over and over again to viewers, media and directly to those Duke players that he was speaking about his feelings as a college kid.

  10. @Tony Clearly, your mind is made up, but Jalen’s made it clear that how he feels now than how he felt then.