Bo Lasting Lessons author, radio host, professor and historian John U. Bacon launched his blog this week, you can check it out at In his words, what’ll he’ll provide:

The only place on the web where you can get a fresh slice of Bacon delivered straight to your door every Friday morning – free of charge.

I make no attempt to compete with those hard-working souls who file daily reports about teams, trades and talented teenagers traveling to this campus or that. I’m just trying to tell interesting stories about people who happen to be involved in sports. Many of these stories come from my weekly sports commentaries on Michigan Public Radio, occasional free-lance pieces, or just my own curiosity – all here for you to listen, read and review, as you see fit.

You can also check out the most popular pieces in the archives, including my take on the Wisdom of Plaxico Buress, Michael Phelps’s best friend, and Kids’ Games You Shouldn’t Try At Home, among others.

I hope you like them – and sign up to receive a slice of Bacon every week. All the cool kids are doing it.

Check out the Bacon Blog here.


  1. This is pretty much what I have been hoping for since Bacs got the radio gig, a place for him to do what he does. Any time you can get a chance to read his Michigan pieces (and his other stuff is very strong as well), it always makes it feel like you know a little more about U of M.