Detroit News via Mike DeSimone

Former Michigan fullback Aaron Shea dialed up Ira Weintraub and Sam Webb on WTKA on Friday to fire back at the comments made by Rick Leach on Thursday.  First the audio:


  • “I wanted to talk about what Rick Leach said yesterday.  I was really disturbed about how he called out Coach Carr.”
  • “There’s not a bigger Michigan Man than I know than Lloyd Carr, and look who he learned from: Bo.  Bo coached Rick Leach and for him to call Lloyd Carr really, frankly, pisses me off.”
  • Shea then went on to defend Carr’s decision to sit in Erik Campbell’s suite in Iowa City, and I agree.
  • “I want to let everyone know—don’t ever question Coach Carr’s loyalty and for Rick Leach to say that…I tell you what, I hope I don’t cross paths with Rick Leach for a long time.”

You can hear all of the WTKA 1050AM podcasts here.


  1. it was glen steele that called not aaron shea

  2. Did you listen to the audio? That was Aaron Shea on this clip (unless he’s highly schizophrenic)

  3. they BOTH called and said similar things. Shea was more combative

  4. Give me one good reason he’s not acting like Bo and voicing support for the Team. My take is he is pissed he didn’t get to choose the new coach. And I am not sorry we don’t have Debord or English. I always felt coach Carr had earned the right to retire on his call and stood up for him at all times, but this is not his team it is Michigan’s and he has a responsibility to help the Team in any way he can. If you think I am wrong please try to explain.

  5. They're both full of baloney