** One last chance to help out – the Walk is Saturday August 6th.  A HUGE thanks for all the support to date.  $1225 $1480 raised so far!  A big thanks to Craig Ross for the impromptu donation at the media event, and all the readers and my blogging brothers who have helped out in one way or another.

Folks occasionally ask how they can help support this site.   Here’s a big way:

On August 6, 2011 I return to the MSU campus for this year’s JDRF walk to cure diabetes. Yes, this event is in Spartan Country but this is not an green and white cause–in fact you may know that Bo Schembechler participated in the Ann Arbor JDRF walk and was a big advocate of diabetes research and education. 

I learned about this horrible disease when my nephew Jack was diagnosed at age 3.  If you want a sense for what life is like with Type 1, watch this short video that Jack helped put together.

All this said, I need some air cover.  Here’s how you can help me:

jdrf jug


  1. I get this puppy started, I am in for $10.

  2. @Kool Breeze
    Top of the jug Breeze, well done– and thanks my man!