2007 Alamo Bowl

Looks like Lloyd Carr, Hart, Henne and Long will finish their Wolverine careers in the Alamo Bowl. Even if the Buckeyes worked their way back into the BCS Championship they will certainly be the only Big Ten team in a BCS bowl. After that, the bowls with Big Ten agreements pick in the following order this year:
1. Capital One
2. Outback
3. Alamo
4. Champs Sports
5. Insight
6. Motor City

The Big Ten standings don’t matter after the champion is determined; the bowls pick who they want. Capitol One could take Michigan for whatever reason. Michigan fans would argue that the Wolverines are the rightful #2 based on league standings and the fact they beat Illlinois, but it doesn’t matter. CollegeFootballNews seemed to think this scenario would play out as they projected the Blue in the Capitol One Bowl this morning. Whoops. The crew a CFN must have missed this quote I found in today’s Ann Arbor News which will crush any idea that this could happen:

“At best, they’d be looking at the Alamo Bowl,” said Frank Frana, an official with the Capital One Bowl. “At best.”

“There are at least four teams ahead of them: Ohio State, Illinois, Penn State and Wisconsin,” Frana said/. “Their bowl opportunities are going to be tough.”

How about the Outback? Not so fast my friend. Here’s Mitch Schriber who represents the Outback:

“They’re certainly going to be part of the conversation when you look at the teams with eight and nine wins,” Schriber said. “I think it’s something where we have to meet as a committee and make a recommendation to our board and see what happens.”

Translation: “I’ve got plans that weekend. Like, you seem like a nice guy and everything, such as. Maybe we can just be friends.”

Michigan State dropping our other little brother Penn State not only put Dantonio’s Spartans in their first bowl since 2003, but it probably put Michigan squarely into that third choice. Looks like San Antonio for the Wolverines. Memo to Carson Butler: stay in bounds- Keep the play alive!.

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