Update: Anthony Thomas – RB, 1997-2000 – in

Via MSC and Rich Rod’s Facebook fan page, the rosters for the flag football battle between distinguished Michigan alums is filling out.   The game will be held prior to the April 11 final spring practice at Michigan stadium and will surely be a hoot.  A few of the names released:

Rick Leach – QB, 1975-78 (audio, if you need it)
Bill Dufek – OT, 1974-78
Jim Betts – S, 1968-1970
Michael Taylor – QB, 1987-89
Kenny Jackson – DB, 1996-98
Scott Dreisbach – QB, 1995-98
Mike Leoni – OL, 1978-79
Chris Bohn – LB, 1988-1990
Chris Calloway – WR, 1986-89
Jay Riemersma – TE, 1992-95
Andy Mignery – TE, 2001-03 (and his good friend Lucas)
Jason Carr – QB, 1993-95
Todd Richards – WR, 1993-95
Aaron Richards – WR, 2000
Larry Foote – LB, 1998-2001 (audio, if you need it)
Mark Bihl – C, 2003-06
Ron Bellamy – WR, 1999-2002
Thomas Wilcher – RB, 1985-86
Aaron Shea – TE, 1996-99
Ali Haji-Sheikh – PK, 1979-82 (Sweet!  FGs were actually worth 5 pts back then)
Brandent Englemon – S, 2004-07
Guest Referee: James Hall – DE 1996-99

Per the Facebook page “Former Players Flag Football Game: Prior to the final practice, former Michigan football greats will participate in a flag football game. Gary Moeller will coach the maize squad and Jerry Hanlon will coach the blue team. The one-hour alumni game will begin with player introductions at 10 a.m.”

Early line:  Leach’s squad –2.5 (assume he’ll be with Hanlon on the Blue)


  1. Ricky Leach is gonna be there??? In my best Eric Cartman voice… SWEEEEEEEEEETTT! Back when Ali Haji-Sheikh kicked, they were allowed to use a tee and the uprights were 4 feet wider too.

    I haven’t been a big RR fan thus far but perhaps his effort to get the community more involved/exposed/insert adjective here with Michigan football is starting to win me over — a bit.

  2. Holy cow… A-train is gonna be there (per RR’s facebook page)

    GO Blue!!!