David Harris Jets

Did you catch the news that David Harris made a couple plays for the Jets this weekend? Yep, in his first start of his career Harris rung up 17 tackles in week 8 and TWENTY-FOUR (!) tackles last week against the Skins. He’s been hailed as “Harris The Hit Man” by the New York Post. He’s fourth in the AFC in tackles right now, one more than Ray Freakin’ Lewis. This despite not starting until a couple weeks ago – WOW.

Along with Chuck Woodson’s big day and the other quarterback who helped his team win their 8th straight by tossing two fourth quarter TD passes all the while playing for a coach wearing a sweatshirt, it was a big day for former M men in the NFL.

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  1. Best linebacker I’ve ever seen in a Michigan uniform. Heck, I think he’s the best linebacker I’ve seen in any uniform on the college level. It was surreal watching him from 4 rows up crashing into people at IU last year. He tackles like his life depends on it. Wasn’t aware that he was 4th in the AFC in tackles this year. Wow.