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GameDay ESPN from Ann Arbor

Since I was busy with my own version of pregame festivities on the golf course I missed the events around ESPN’s visit to campus. Based upon the initial reviews it looks like the fans showed well and came up with some clever signs. That’s kind of what the mob of fans behind Corso, Fowler and Herbstreit is measured on these days.

Football Jesus broke down the signs of the day and provided a Top 25 ranking. He liked the ‘We need a Carr with Les Miles’ which I’ve seen before but doesn’t really make a lot of sense. There’s a joke there somewhere but that’s not it. His favorite is pretty funny but a tad PG-13, you can check it out here. Of his Top 25 here are my favorites:

3. Only Buckeyes work at Home Depot
4. Charlie Weis ate Notre dame’s season.
6. Herbie sings “the Victors” in the shower
8. Stop talking about Barry Bonds
12. If you can read this you are not a Buckeye
20. Tressel watches “the View”
24. Desmond walks on H2o

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