Michigan football is currently in a contract to play Notre Dame through 2031.  HOWEVER, according to media relations there is an update today at 2:30:

University of Michigan Athletic Director Dave Brandon and Football Coach Rich Rodriguez will meet with the media today (March 18) in the Commons at Schembechler Hall, beginning at 2:30 p.m. EDT. The press opportunity is in regard to a football scheduling announcement with Notre Dame.

Says me, quickly: I sure hope they are not breaking this contract!   Perhaps a night game is in the works?   Perhaps they’ll square off at Yankee Stadium? 


  1. Night game on ABC! This would be amazing. Screw the old people that hate night games. Night games are much more intense and you can tailgate (drink) all day! Also, night games help with recruits because it’s broadcast nation wide.

    I don’t know if you’re joking about a game in NYC (I assume you are regarding Michigan moving a home game there) but I could see ND doing that in 2012. How sweet of a game would that be?

  2. I hope Michigan doesn’t follow NDs lead in scheduling games at worthless sites. NYC and DC? WTF? There aren’t any recruits there. HS Football sucks in NYC and DC. Now, if U-M and ND want to play in Orlando or Jerry Jones Stadium, that would be wicked cool. Can anyone say road trip? Take the games to the recruits’ backyard — not the other way around!