Here’s where the voters slotted Michigan this week.  Note that Doug Lesmerises, the guy who had Michigan at #8 a couple weeks ago, dropped Michigan to #20 and a few folks dropped the Wolverines out all together.   Can you blame them?

Voter Rank
Brett McMurphy 14
Chadd Cripe 14
Craig James 14
Garland Gillen 16
Joe Giglio 16
Kirk Bohls 16
Mike Hlas 16
Ray Ratto 16
Rob Long 16
Jon Solomon 18
Kyle Ringo 18
Tom Mulhern 18
Chris Fowler 19
Greg Archuleta 19
John Niyo 19
Bob Condotta 20
Cecil Hurt 20
Dave Foster 20
Doug Lesmerises 20
Ferd Lewis 20
Kyle Tucker 20
Kyle Veazey 20
Marcus Fuller 20
Robert Cessna 20
Sal Interdonato 20
Bob Asmussen 21
Bob Hammond 21
Doug Haller 21
Greg Auman 21
John Hunt 21
Keith Sargeant 21
Kirk Herbstreit 21
Wade Denniston 21
Wes Rucker 21
David Jones 22
Jack Bogaczyk 22
Manny Navarro 22
Pete DiPrimio 22
Randy Rosetta 22
Ray Fittipaldo 22
Steve Conroy 22
Cole Harvey 23
Bill Cole 24
Desmond Conner 24
Eric Hansen 24
Lisa Byington 24
Travis Haney 24
John Shinn 25
John Werner 25
Matt McCoy 25
Tom Keegan 25
Adam Zuvanich unranked
Andy Staples unranked
Chip Cosby unranked
Jon Wilner unranked
Mark Anderson unranked
Mike DeArmond unranked
Scott Wolf unranked
Steve Sipple unranked
Tom Murphy unranked


  1. I think that's a pretty interesting feature, but I have to admit I only know who about 5 of those guys are …any chance we could get whatever paper/media service they work for next to their name ? I realize that could be an incredible pain in the ass, but if not it would be kind of interesting to see where some of these people are located. I guess if I really cared I could try googling their names.

    • Greg from MVictors

      Duffy, try this – you can click through to see the media source tied to each guy

      • Awesome, thanks very much.

        That site it takes you to is pretty sweet, I now know John Niyo from the Detroit News gave Oklahoma the highest vote at # 3 that they have gotten, and Kirk Herbstreit has some serious Clemson love.

  2. who would vote them #14? to be honest I think Michigan and State will both finish out of the top 25 when it's all said and done. in fact, i think they'll both finish 6-6 based on their defenses. i wouldn't be surprised if there's over 1000 yards in total offense when they play against each other. in michigan's case, i think special teams is going to cost us a game, otherwise i would have said 7-5.

    • Greg from MVictors

      Earlier this year (in HTTV) I said 6-6 but assumed one of those losses would have happened by now. I don't know. I think we'll have to wait on these guys. I know Mouton can play better than he did Saturday.

      • whether it's alabama or michigan, i figure a defense will have to win a game or two for you during a season. yes, this defense will probably get a little better but i don't think it will ever get to the point where it can win us a game. hence my 6-6 prediction with fingers crossed. and even though a lot of people (including me) think rich rod needs at least 7 wins, i think denard will save the coach's job for at least another season.