A quick scan of the AP votes in the initial poll yielded one notion: the 2007 Wolverines little love from the national guys. I really don’t care at this point and it all comes out in the wash but…of the Gameday set, Herbstreit has Michigan #10, Fowler #7. Craig James of ABC has the Blue slotted #7 as well, and SI.com “guru” Stewart Mandel slots M sixth.

The Ann Arbor News’ John Heuser started the Wolverines at #4 while David Birkett of the Oakland Press thinks all is good in Ann Arbor with a #2 vote.

Speaking of Herbstreit, I heard Mike Hart speaking on Herby’s show on 1640 1460AM in Columbus on today, taped during the Big Ten kick-off. Hart likened Michigan’s defense in 2007 to the Buckeyes’ D last year, and as expected pumped up his defensive brethren. Michigan Mike also acknowledged that the individual goals do matter to him, but not before winning.


  1. On August 22 you wrote: “Speaking of Herbstreit, I heard Mike Hart speaking on Herby’s show on 1640 AM in Columbus on today,”

    Not that it is a big deal, but it is 1460 AM. I am a LOYAL Michigan fan living in Columbus and 1460 is the most VILE “homer” Suckeye radio station on this planet. The only thing keeping it viable is the fact that “Herb Kirkstreit” works for them. He says one thing on ESPN and then for the benefit of the loyal Suckeye Nation he pumps up OSUck when he is on 1460. He is a flaming hypocrite! You should hear his Michigan bashing. The asshole never beat the Wolverines during his Suckeye career and left the field crying after they tied Michigan 13-13 several years ago. Jesus Christo!

    I am sure some Bucknut will find your blog and email you a correction. I love MVictors.com. Keep up the good work.

    GO BLUE and may “Cheater McSweater Vest”, aka Jim Tressel, burn in hell.

    [Yep, thanks for catching the typo on the station. I worked in columbus so I catch portions of the show in the afternoon]

  2. Taco Bell Soft Tacos

    Why no love from the national media? Because they had a feeling you were about to be App State’ed.

    How do people expect the best teams from the Big 10 to hang with the SEC when the supposed best team from the Big 10 beat a team from the SoCon?