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Once word was out that former Michigan assistant Scot Loeffler’s 1997 Michigan championship ring was stolen, the authorities were contacted and now it appears as though the eBay auction was pulled.    Per comments on MVictors:

Via reader Ned DeGalan:

Update> I have texted with Scot and he is aware of this. As of a few minutes ago this was taken off of eBay Scot has access to an attorney in Phoenix. My thanks to to the MGoBlog community for tipping me off about this as I was one of the bidders. Kudos to all of your community for their assistance. You are truly "Leaders and Best".

Via reader @jusgre :

I reported this to the Phoenix Police Department and this was their response as of 3:25 PM:
Thank you for the information. Our Property Crimes Bureau is working with the owner of the ring to return it to him.
Officer Jennifer Eastman
Internet Detail
Public Affairs Bureau
Phoenix Police Department
Visit us online at www.phoenix.gov/police

More later?  We’ll see.  If the ring is recovered and returned to Loeffler you’ll hear about it here.

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