No, it’s not the name of a Canadian law firm, it’s a little audio from last night’s Red Berenson Show live from The Arena on WTKA.

In the final segment of the night Andy Evans and John Bacon toss the microphone over to Coach Red who relived a few old tales with his former idol, opponent, teammate, and roommate: the great Gordie Howe. A few notes:

  • A funny moment, Andy Evans is reading from a prepared notecard promoting Gordie Howe’s appearance before the Ferris State game on 2/28.  The card described Howe as Red Wing great, etc.  Evans stopped mid-sentence, suggesting that anyone listening to a hockey show probably understands who Gordie Howe is.  Well done AE.
  • Red noted that they may coerce Howe to do an honorary puck drop before the Ferris State game – solid!
  • Bacon served up a couple stories (many are retold in Blue Ice) and Red took it from there.   Bacon also reminded Berenson that he cut Gordie’s son Murray.  Red countered this by noting his son didn’t make the Michigan team either.
  • Berenson talked about the first game he saw Howe play in the NHL (at the Olympia) against Rocket Richard and the Canadiens, and discussed some of the events when Howe and the Wings scrimmaged the Wolverines back in the day, and what it felt like to play against Gordie in the NHL.

Give it a listen here:



  1. Awesome stuff Greg. can’t wait to hear the whole thing when I’ve got speakers at home.

    Maize n Brew
    Because Football is Better with Beer.

  2. Wow – this is well worth a listen. Gordie dropping that Michigan player in the corner along the fence (no glass back in the day): “That’s how you do it, son.” Thanks for posting this.

  3. Keep it up! Thanks!