Last night local author, radio host and now, award-winning U-M professor John U. Bacon received the 19th annual Golden Apple Award and delivered his version of a ‘last lecture’.   I stopped by to check it out and it was outstanding.

They actually started giving this award when I was on campus, the first going to must-have pysch professor Drew Westen.

I’d offer up some bullets to prove I was there but that might cheapen Bacon’s message.  Instead, I’ll offer a slacker’s guide to the lecture takeaways:

  • don’t play hockey for coach Bacon
  • turn in your papers on time in Bacon’s class
  • bring your hat size with you to Montreal
  • don’t go in Bo’s office.

Look for the video of the lecture on YouTube soon, or check out the piece in the Michigan Daily today which includes video the speech in two parts:

Related: Varsity Blue was there as well, recap.  (Who was manning the blogosphere during this time?)


  1. What is up with all the hate in The Daily’s comments?

  2. Greg (MVictors)
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