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John U Bacon joined Andy Evans Friday morning on WTKA 1050AM.  The topic of the behavior of Columbus fans came up in the wake of the incidents following the Red Wings’ game 4 victory.  Buckeye fans tossed junk on the ice after a call in the third period, and someone caught Wings coach Mike Babcock as he was leaving the bench for the postgame handshake:

“I wouldn’t call it debris,” Babcock said, rubbing one of his shoulders. “Debris wouldn’t hurt that bad. Whoever was throwing, they’ve got a good arm, better than that guy who threw the octopus on the ice the other night.

“For that to happen here tonight, no matter how upset you are, that’s not right. That’s unacceptable behavior.”

Here’s the short clip where Bacon both praises and scolds fans in Columbus, see note below:



  • “It was ridiculous.”
  • “I’ve had enough experience with Columbus fans down there.  I’ve given speeches down there on the Bo book and the audiences have been fantastic.  They appreciate the history, they love the rivalry, they know their history—the Bo side, the Woody side, you name it.  Probably more than Michigan fans in many ways.”
  • “But the conduct on the way to the stadium is inexcusable.  When Mary Sue Coleman has to send the Michigan cops down to protect Michigan students, you know, are we living in a Third World country?  It’s pathetic.  When Columbus police officers will not protect people because they wear maize and blue…this is a little scary and highly strange.”
  • “This is one more example of that kind of behavior.  We’re not animals, and the idea that we’re allowed to behave like animals at a sporting event is utterly absurd.”

Here’s the full interview.

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