1. This is from the Best of Pregame in the MMB 2007 Season DVD, which is produced by our in-house AV staff. They do an amazing job producing season videos every year, and I highly recommend checking them out if you get the chance.

    I know that you can buy the DVD’s at the AV room in Revelli Hall, but I’m not really sure on the hours. Cost is $25 per DVD. The band members usually buy them at our Spring Meeting, but that’s not open to the public as far as I know. You can call Maggie St. Clair in our office for more information at (734) 764-0582.

    Your best bet to get a copy of the DVD is probably to befriend a band member and get them to pick a copy up for you. However, if you want some free videos, check out these from Drumline:

    Hope that helps. Go Blue!

  2. Excellent Nick – thanks

  3. thanks for illegally ripping this, youtube poster guy!

    currently the only full video of pregame on there is the BTN footage from the eastern michigan debacle. it’s good to circulate a pregame video on youtube that doesn’t show the block m folding out early and the drum major falling on his head.

  4. What if the Band was Barwised?

  5. Michigan Marching Band – BTN pregame – 10/6/07 mpg
    Size: 93.46 MB
    Isn’t the drum major supposed to fall on his head?