Michigan held its ‘Beanie Bowl’, a full team scrimmage in the Big House including band, PA announcer and the whole deal.  A few videos released:

Stonum took the opening kick-off back.  Good and bad I guess, right?  Line drive kick, taken at the 10 and no one touched him:


Also (via a tweet from Victors_Valiant), here’s Frank Beckmann talking on the Huge Show during the scrimmage, you can hear the PA announcer and the band in the background.  Frank "Blue Skies" Beckmann.


  1. Why is it called the Beanie Bowl?

    • Greg from MVictors

      Beanie, not sure. Here's a 2006 post:

      The origin of the title "Beanie Bowl" is unclear. Some say it stems from a offense vs. defense scrimmage that took place in the Danny Ford era. The winners ate steak, the losers were forced to eat beans. Others think it's simply because one team wears covers on their helmet similar to a beanie. It may even be a Bowden creation as former assistant Rich Rodriguez apparently uses the same format as head coach at West Virginia now.

  2. On a positive note re: the kickoff, at least it was Broekhuizen, not Gibbons (who reportedly has a stronger leg) who only kicked it to the 10.

  3. Sounds like Carl Grapentine was announcing at the game too. I don't know if most fans know this but Carl drives all the way from Chicago, where he hosts a radio show, every weekend for the games. Amazing if you ask me.