Congrats seniors.  Here is Denard and Kovacs getting wrapped up by Coach Hoke, how shows a little one handed ceremonial ball security.

Brady Hoke hugs Denard Robinson - 

Brady Hoke hugs Jordan Kovacs -

Here’s a look at the custom made pigskins they received.   Kovacs indeed had a #11, not a 32, on his ball.  Here’s how they looked FWIW:

Senior Day Footballs - Custom Made

One more: here’s Denard tapping the banner for the last time, but check out Treezy with 180 of his 360 degree leap (thanks for nothing, zebras):

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    2. I did not stop crying until after Denard went in on the first play. All the very “special” seniors, drum major, staff and just saying goodbye to The Stadium till next September tears at my heart….but how blessed we are to have all these Michigan Men and The University of Michigan!
      GO BLUE!!!!!! beat ohio

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