Michigan hockey vs. MSU

A huge one tonight in Ann Arbor then again Saturday at Munn as your #1 Wolverines take on the defending NCAA champs. Going to the game? Send along some photos and on your deathbed you will receive total consciousness.

As for me, enough is enough and I’ll be hitting Yost next Friday for the Northern Michigan game with bells on. (Pregame sodas at Fraser’s. Post-game plan is cheesesteaks at Spots pending the results of the 50/50 raffle.)


  1. Oh sh** am I pumped!!!!! Even got tickets to the game at Munn tomorrow. Should be a good time.

  2. Looks like M has to hope for the split…the “library” will be rockin’ tomorrow nite ;)

  3. Tough one last night. The Michigan team is very fast; they seemed to get every puck in the first period but couldn’t convert. State’s PP goal was very nice and they had some high quality chances to extend the lead. Michigan just missed knotting it with around 4 secs to go. Crazy finish. Expect another good one tonight at Munn!

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