Cheerleader Flip Love the look on the face of the kid on the left/middle

Funchess Leaps over Michigan bannerWow.  Funchess is a walking photo opp.. and it don’t stop


Old Cheerleaders gifNo way we can lose if a team of old men do this – can they come back for the Bucks?


Goldy and Goldilocks Caption Contest still open.  Leaders in the clubhouse: Via Aaron: “i havent touched a jug in years… can i touch one of yours?”, via Hoke A Mania “Turn your head and squeak”

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Mitch McGary - Michigan Stadium Big Mitch

2013 Michigan Alumni Band The portion of the $200M Ross donation slated for the Alumni band uniforms hasn’t kicked in yet


Lloyd Carr - Michigan Stadium Coach Carr didn’t even try to hit that banner

THC The THC never stops


Taylor Lewan - Little Brown Jug Memo to future captains: don’t ever do this again or I’ll find you.  (And I’m not talking about the mouthpiece-over-ear although I’m not crazy about that either).


Photo Oct 05, 7 40 03 PM

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  1. Gail Ferguson Stout

    Please PLEASE remove the caption about the Ross donation to the Alumni Band. NONE of that money will ever be seen by any aspect of the Michigan Marching Band. Your caption implies that the band is fully funded. It is not.

  2. That last photo is gorgeous.

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  4. Goldy v Goldie pic caption: this is one gopher that’s thinking about prairie doggin’.