You’ve now had seen at least half of the Ann Arbor News investigation. I’ve been trying to gauge reaction from the M masses on this and I basically see apathy. A few data points:
– On WDFN in Detroit this afternoon, Stoney and Wojo discussed this in the middle of the show (after talking brackets). They debated not the seriousness of the allegations, but rather whether there still exist Michigan fans who actually think this type of thing doesn’t go on at their precious university. Both thought the findings were not a surprise and didn’t take issue.
– On several forums (Victors Board, Winged Helmet, and MLive) the topic of the investigation wasn’t prevalent. What was? Politics, Brackets, T. Pryor, and Spring practice media coverage. Minimal discussion on the News piece.
– As I mentioned earlier, the national media hasn’t really picked up the story yet, although they might be holding off for the full investigation to be released. Who knows – Gabe Watson could be on the cover of Sports Illustrated next week.

It begs the question, based on what you’ve seen to date, how do you feel about the News investigation? You may have heard Jim Carty and John Heuser on WTKA this morning with Sam Webb, did that change your view? Are you waiting for the full investigation to be released?:


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  1. I think the biggest thing i’ve seen was that the students were steered to that one particular professor, and that maybe there were some shenanigans as far as attendance and the way he signed students up for the class, other then that, steering students to a particular major, kinisieology or general studies, doesn’t bother me that much. I imagine if someone is strong willed enough to play football or any other Division 1 sport, if they really want to major in something else, they will. We’ll see what else is revealed, but, really, isn’t this what every school does?

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