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Soccer Dave Brandon (center) and the folks responsible for the match at midfield today

It’s official – Man U and Real Madrid will play August 2, 2014 at 4pm.  Sounds like the delay in getting this announced was dealing with the pitch: how to get natural grass and how to get a field of adequate dimensions for a game.  More details:

  • Beer?  Yes.  Liquor license request is in the State Legislature but you can book it: Guinness will pour at the Big House on August 2.
  • Field?  They will bring in large chunks of natural grass 48 hours before the game and go through a process to weave a pitch.   No platform.
  • Team Benches?  Likely somewhere in the stands (see below).
  • Walls?  Width of the field will bump right up to the perimeter so they’ll be padded.  God forbid Giggsy cracks his melon open on the bricks.
  • Tickets?  For Michigan donors and season ticket holders, Monday April 7.  Price Range: $45 – $189.  Details.
  • Other games?  Unlike the hockey events at the Big House, unfortunately they won’t have any other matches on the pitch before or after the event.
  • How will it look?   Crude mock-up and yes, liberties taken with the field logo:

M Stadium 2

Will you be there?

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