Bill Martin called The Huge Show, which is broadcast on a few stations around Michigan including 1050 WTKA. Martin talked about the search process:
– Said he knew that this would be a hire outside the coaching family from the get go.
– Talked about the challenge of convincing Rodriguez and his wife to take this job and move to Ann Arbor sight unseen.
– Joked about taking the President Coleman to the giant Cabela’s off of US-23.
– Great quote, said Mary Sue Coleman “could sell coal in Newcastle”. He didn’t say that Coach Rod is the dog’s bollocks.
– Thought it was 70/30 that he would come to Michigan after Rodriguez left Toledo.
– Martin said he was excited based on the emails received about the hire. Perhaps he took his football filter off now!
– Rodriguez will be at practice tomorrow.

The audio is in two parts, missed a few seconds of the interview in the middle:

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