How did that turn into this?!

Much more tomorrow. Was that the greatest game day experience inside the Big House? Not quite for me, but it’s up there. I’ll talk about that and so much more. I had to get a few photos out from the game:

It’s Olympian Michael Phelps donning the “gold” 8 with “PHELPS” on the back, glad to see that MVictors is in the House

Yes, it was the 500th game at the Big House, really not promoted very much

That’s Zeke or Isiah Thomas to out-of-towners, supporting M hoops today


  1. Phelps being interviewed and at game is great for recruiting. He does not even correct reportes who think Phelps actually went to U-M for more than a year.

  2. Actually he went to U-M for 3 years

  3. Am I the only one who thinks Phelps ears and underbite are underrated?

    Looks like Zeke just got back from Red Lobster.

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