MVictors: Blue Books

I just received a fresh copy of ‘Historic Photos of University of Michigan Football’ from Turner Publishing. Michelle O’Brien authored the collection, which pulls together fascinating photos from the vaults over at the U-M Bentley Historical Library over the past 100+ years.

It isn’t confined to games and practices; it also includes a few unique looks at the band, the fans and in some cases, the excitement on campus and outside the stadium.

Each photo contains a detailed caption describing the photo often along with a relevant background from the period. O’Brien did a very nice job-it’s a fine collection and would make an excellent gift.

While I’ve seen a few of the photos before but most were new to me. Here’s a few of my favorites, click to enlarge:

Louis Elbel conducts The Victors in 1952
Louis Elbel, the man that composed The Victors after the 1898 Michigan game at Chicago, conducts the Michigan Marching Band in 1952

The original Little Brown Jug, photo from Minnesota
The original Little Brown (White?) Jug. I love the “Not to be taken from the Gymnasium” instruction painted on the top. Can you imagine?

Breaking ground on Michigan Stadium
A photo as they break ground on Michigan stadium, with a clear shot back to Yost Field House in the background. Gorgeous.

Michigan football historic photos


  1. My dad was a member of the MMB, 1952 season. There used to be a picture hanging in Revelli Hall. I am desperate to find a copy. HELP!!


  2. Cynthia, check with MMB photographer Dick Gaskill. His website is here:

    If he doesn’t have the picture you’re looking for on the site, he has the negative and will scan it per your request. Incredibly nice man, still up in the press box every Saturday after all these years.