The proliferation of video game highlights and simulations is getting pretty annoying, especially, I imagine, for people that don’t play these games. YouTube has been flooded recently with special vid clips and even complete games.

Each Saturday morning last season the Ann Arbor News made us suffer through a recap of the “game” against that day’s opponent played out on someone’s XBox. “Manningham had a big day…blah, blah,..M had trouble converting inside the red zone..blah, blah”. Great story. Compelling and rich.

This is more my speed. Vying for a spot in the coveted Floral Bowl, the Wolverines squared off against the Tennessee Vols upon the rectangled-circle that is electric football. To the sounds of Bad Company and laid down in still photography (a la pay-per-view boxing highlights) check out this masterpiece:

Is that some sort of wall of fame in the North end zone? Is the Floral Bowl trophy filled with chocolate? I love the fun size down and distance markers. Is one guy dedicated to manning the chains? Are there measurements?

I’d like to see Jim Carty and John Heuser of the News play each game out on this surface then report back the results. Might be hard finding Appalachian State electric football guys.

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  1. First I hear Springsteen’s new single and now this gem – all in one day?! That blury close-up of #2 snaring that nail-in-the-coffin TD pass…. Rich. And, yeah, Carty, ditch that lame video game recap. Surely you can use that space for some sort of weekly commentary by, I dunno, Dave Shand, right?