As Boston is in pure freakout mode over the sight of Tom Brady walking the streets with a Yankee hat, the media has been quick to find a reasonable explanation. The concensus? Blame Ann Arbor!

Tom Brady and his NY Yankees lid

It turns out most folks are pointing to Brady’s ties to Michigan buddy and former pinstriper ‘Super’ Drew Henson, and current Bronx Bomber Derek Jeter. I heard ESPN’s Dan Patrick show mention the link to Henson yesterday on the air and this blurb was posted in the Boston Herald:

But avid Brady Bunchers know this isn’t the first time No. 12 has committed the ultimate in homer heresy. We told you way back in 2003 that Tom was sporting a Pinstripes lid when our ever-vigilant spies spotted him fueling up at a Dunkin’ Donuts in Foxboro. At the time, the excuse was that it was a gesture of solidarity with then-Yankees rookie Drew Henson, who, like Tom, is a former quarterback for the University of Michigan. Of course, that lame-o rationalization has gone by the boards now that Henson has ditched MLB for the NFL to play third-string quarterback for the Minnesota Vikings

If not Henson, then it must be Jeter, where the NY Post writes:

Maybe he’s just friends with Derek Jeter, who frequents the sidelines of Brady’s alma matter, the University of Michigan

Analysis: Who cares? My only concern is that we’ll need to set a new end date for the Super Drew media circus/hype cycle to die. Just watch, somehow Henson will end up starting for the Vikings on a future Thanksgiving Day against recent Lions draftee Spartan Drew Stanton.


  1. scandal for so little is worse much to have a bastard son and not to be made responsible for the Baby badly father

    [Webmaster’s note: Maria, I don’t speak Yoda Jedi, but if I re-arrange the words I think you are saying Brady’s a jerk for having a baby with a woman he doesn’t intend to marry. That’s fine and of course that is considered wrong in many if not most cultures/religions,etc., but maybe let’s see what kind of father he turns out to be before going too hard on the guy.]

  2. I guess Bridget is a jerk for having a baby out of wedlock. Ohh Forgot no one cares about her. LOL!

  3. Unfaithful to his lady (Bridget) and to his hometown fans. I can understand cheating on the fox, but you can’t cheat on the Sox.

  4. Seriously, it’s only baseball. Cheat on the Sox? What loyalty does he owe them. Football’s where it’s at, and he played in football valhalla itself.

  5. I bought a Yankee lid in NY and its one of my favorites that I wear all the time. Doesn’t mean I am a Yankee fan.

    [Webmaster: Ok, but it’s not the same thing. It’d be like Barry Sanders walking around with a Colorado Avalanche hat. Not cool.]

  6. tom brady is not jerk!!! leave tom alone