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The Regional Finals of the ‘Death March Madness’ tournament (current bracket HERE – background here). Here’s a printable version.

Jeff Tedford (California) vs. Bill Cowher (NFL retired)

Tedford defeated Boise State coach Chris Petersen in the second round by taking 60% of the vote; Bill Cowher crushed Cam Cameron hauling in 80%.


Despite Cal’s decline after a fast start this year, Tedford [bio from Cal’s official site] is one of the hottest names in coaching. He’s turned Cal into a title contender and attracted some solid talent. His pedigree is purely west-coach based, he was graduated at Fresno State and then served as QB coach at Oregon before settling at Cal. He’s been vocal about his dissatification with the Cal facilities, so much so that he’s got an out clause in his contract if certain factility upgrades don’t happen. He’d have everything he could need in Ann Arbor of course, and he’d almost certainly take the job if offered.

Here’s mgoblog‘s thoughts earlier this season:

What he’s done at Pac-10 Indiana is staggering. He runs a pro-style offense that would fit Michigan’s current talent well (and better than, say, Rich Rodriguez’ spread option). He turned Joey Harrington into the third pick in the NFL draft. He’s young enough to coach Michigan for 20 years but experienced enough (and in one place) to have built the sort of track record Michigan can be secure in. If he wants it, he should be the guy.

I’d say many of the anti-Miles camp would side with Tedford. He seems to be the guy with the most pure strategic coaching cred in the group. Martin went out and got the hoops coach with such a reputation in Beilein, would he go the same direction with the football hire?

Bill Cowher [bio from CBS] is of course the former Steelers headman who’s last game was the victory in Super Bowl XL just up the road in Detroit. Many see Cowher as a great fit for the college game. He’s emotional and seems to have a good rapport with his players (despite the allegations in Jerome Bettis’s book). The question for NFL coaches always seems to come down to whether they’d be willing to do the other things that come with the job, that is, not just call plays and review film, but recruit, do charitable work, represent the community, turn boys into men. Cowher is one of those NFL coaches that seems to be worth a shot.

My question on Cowher is why would he take a college gig? Yes, NFL jobs are more work but couldn’t he name his price if and when he decides to return to coaching? Who wouldn’t shell out $6M for Cowher given his unreal coaching record? Michigan could pay him $3M tops. I’m guessing he’s happy at CBS until the right opportunity comes up in the NFL. All this said, if there are a handful of college gigs that could entice a look from Cowher certainly Michigan is one of them. Will Martin call? Cowher has no college coaching experience.

Tedford wins taking 54% of the vote. This was the closest of the Final 4 match-ups. Here’s the current match:


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