Nice done by Ace over at the The Wolverine Blog, a compilation of shots of General Bo extracted for team photos over the years. 

I love it.  First, in every shot it looks like Bo got down actually coaching just minutes prior to the photo: messy hair, shirt collar ruffled a bit, sometimes wearing shades!    Next, I love the old coaching shirts through the years often with those classic 2D helmet logos.   Finally – Bo’s got that great Gary Sinise smile. 

Check out the video below and check out Ace’s commentary here.

As Ace mentions, my previous post and video of Fielding Yost taken from team photos was an inspiration for his new vid.  Here’s a look back at that:


  1. Annarborbarber

    Great video post, both of 'em. Both were great leaders. My Dad graduated UM in 1939 and I did in 1972. I hope Coach Rodrigeuz does the same. Go Blue!

  2. Great montages! By the way Bo did not where sun glasses he wore those glasses that darkened in the sun. I wonder what that tie pin was that Yost wore in most of the photos.