1. You retired from drinking and gambling? Have things changed since the last time I saw you?

  2. Despite being a die hard Buckeye fan, I will be heavily pulling for the Wovlerines as if they were my own team. Although you are our arch rival, UM and Llloyd Carr are a classy program that has had cheap shots taken at it the last couple of years. I am also sick of the SEC thinking they are the dominant power in college football. Andre Caldwell, one of UF’s WR’s went on a rant about how the SEC is just a cut above the Big Ten and how their worst teams are better than our (Big Ten) best teams. I say its time that we, the Big Ten, grow a pair and shove those words right back into the mouth of the Superficial Ego Conference (SEC). I look all around the nation, even the Pac 10 and ACC, and I find that no one, absolutely no one has the arrogance that the SEC does, especially Florida. Since when is it classy for players and coaches to outright put down their opponents in interviews and conferences. UM has shown me that depsite the rivalry, they are quite the program and I am proud to say that we duke it out with you guys every year. I wish you the best of luck against UM and will pray that Hart, Long and Henne go out on a great note. Long is an absolute beast by the way. As they say about the Gators, “Florida has as much arrogance of teams like USC, Ohio State and UM but as much history and tradition as Houston or Tulsa.”

  3. They’re going to take away your buckeye card for complimenting UM that way. But I do agree that the Big Ten needs to come together to shake up the SEC perceived dominance and unearned arrogance. Especially since the SEC refused to play the Big Ten in the regular season. They say “we don’t have to play out of the SEC to prove our worth because the SEC is challenging enough”. Based on what?, I have no idea. Their one major out-of-conference game this year was Tennessee vs. California, and the Vols got rolled. The OSU tried to schedule a home and home vs. Florida, but Florida refused to agree to coming up to Columbus. Shoot, even Texas and USC have agreed to home and home vs. the Big Ten (OSU). I would love to see a Big Ten-SEC Football Challenge every year. The OSU and Florida are rivals. UM and LSU would be great rivals now. The SEC won’t do it because they are the media’s darlings right now. We’ll have to settle for bowl games (we were 2-1 vs. the SEC last year). Hopefully UM and Wisconsin can take care of business this year. I can’t say I’m rooting for OSU though, because another national championship in Columbus makes them tough to recruit against.