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I know this is a news flash to no one, but if Michigan gets past Iowa Saturday, we’ll have qualified for the first bowl game since the epic 2008 Capital One Bowl

Current bowl projections:

CBS Sports – Gator Bowl – vs. Georgia
Scout/CFN –
Gator Bowl vs. Mississippi St.
ESPN (Schlabach) –
Capital One Bowl – vs. Florida
ESPN (Adelsen) –
Gator Bowl vs. LSU

Between us girls, I’d take any of those scenarios right now if you’re offering.

Speaking of offering, the folks that actually dole out the invites to the postseason games are the bowl representatives.  They have a special place in my heart because besides keeping the companies that produce single-toned blazers in business, at each home game the bowl reps sit in the row just behind me in the press box.  I always make it priority to check in and say hi.

It’s got to be a great job.  On Friday nights media relations takes these guys out to dinner and often they get a tour of the stadium and all that good stuff.

Last week I met Clay, great guy and a rep from the Gator Bowl, which renews its affiliation with the Big Ten this post season.  He’s the first one to distribute some literature to the media and I’m guessing I’m one of the few that actually bothered to take a peek.   It revealed one interesting little nugget about the selection process for 2011-2014.

The Gator Bowl will share, with the Insight Bowl, the third and fourth pick in the Big Ten Conference after the BCS.

The Gator Bowl and the Insight Bowl will each submit, to the Big Ten Conference, their team selection…Should each Bowl desire the same team, the selection order will be decided by the flip of a coin..

Interesting.   This is contrary to earlier reports that the Gator Bowl and Insight Bowl Bowls would alternate the third and fourth pick each year, as I believe was done previously with the Champs and Alamo Bowls.



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