1. Awesome Hire! Go Blue!

  2. To refresh my memory, I looked up Bo's coaching record prior to Michigan and below is what I found. I find column 4 of particular interest. The win/loss record was respectable, but nothing that should have screamed he's DA MAN! So, I'm gonna start believing that this will all work out ok and I'm "All in" for Mr. Hoke!

    Year School Record Postseason
    1963 Miami (Ohio) 5-3-2 None
    1964 Miami (Ohio) 6-3-1 None
    1965 Miami (Ohio) 7-3-0 None
    1966 Miami (Ohio) 9-1-0 None
    1967 Miami (Ohio) 6-4-0 None
    1968 Miami (Ohio) 7-3-0 None

    • What's more, Bo took over a Miami program that was a MAC powerhouse. They hadn't had a losing season in like 15 years. So he basically just kept things going there. Hoke took over a BSU program that hadn't won anything in forever, and while it took a little while, he ended up posting their best season in school history. He then posted SDSU's best season in ages in 2010. When a guy can record historically-good seasons at two places, he can't be that bad.

  3. I also came across this:

    "Schembechler became Michigan's 15th head coach after the 1968 season, succeeding Bump Elliott. He was hired in 15 minutes. It took athletic director Don Canham that long "to sense the intensity, the enthusiasm of a man destined to be a winner."

    It may sound funny, but I got the same sense of intensity out of today's press conference. Let's hope BR has teh same destiny!

  4. It's spelled "footbaw"

  5. RichRod who?

  6. B-ball team is starting to play good hoops, too.

  7. my head says i should be disappointed, but my heart says this is going to be the start of something really special. i'm actually excited about this hire now.

  8. Coach Hoke brings an impressive 46-50 record of experience. I hope he does well.

  9. I fricken love this guy. cant put my finger on it, but i think this hire is going to be a home run. this guy is principaled, tough, hungry and here for the long haul. he seems to get it – love it.

  10. If it’s any comfort, here are the records of some other head coaches prior to their current jobs:

    * Gene Chizik (Auburn): 5-19 at Iowa State
    * Chip Kelly (Oregon): 0-0 (had no head coaching experience)
    * Pete Carroll: 33-31 in the NFL, fired from two jobs
    * Jim Tressel: 135-57-2, but in Division I-AA (FCS). 0-0 in Div I (FBS)
    * Les Miles: 28-21 at OK State. Best season was 9-4.
    * Bob Stoops: 0-0 (no head coaching experience)
    * Bo Pelini: 0-0 (no head coaching experience)

  11. Where does he pound the podium I heard about it and wanted to see it but not the whole thing and also hope he works out for you guys