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AD DB joined Ira and Sam on WTKA this morning primarily to talk about the news that U-M adding varsity lacrosse.  He discussed the process involved in getting to yesterday’s announcement; an interesting view into modern college athletics.

Of course the WTKA boys didn’t let Dave Brandon leave without getting some other insight.  Brandon reiterated his desire to add seating and a concourse in Michigan stadium—specifically in the South end zone—when the time was right and in particular, when there is clear demand to fill those seats.   (It would take the stadium capacity up to around 119,000 he says).

And can you spot the throwback uniform most likely to be on Denard’s back for the Notre Dame game this fall (1980s boy band vs. unofficially leaked model)?

gold2 throwback
Say Word?

Brandon chuckled at the suggestion that the “model” unveiled by the Freep last week was an actual real thing.  Clip:

Brandon quotes, on whether it is an accurate representation of what Michigan will be wearing these when they face Notre Dame.  “No. [laughs]  That was some kind of a pirated picture.  I don’t know where that came from but that’s not what the players will be wearing.”

And along with Ohio State now being Ohio, Brian Kelly is officially now “the Notre Dame coach”: “…the Notre Dame coach decided, in his own clumsy way, to describe what our jerseys are going to look like because apparently he saw some of the concept drawings that we’ve been working on…”

We’re going to take elements from a couple of different eras..”

He said he doesn’t know where that came from and that the actual throwback uniform will combine aspects of a couple eras of Michigan football.  A collective sigh of relief is heard, as Sam noted.

Full audio here from WTKA.

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  1. So, Dave Brandon Trial Balloon Launch #2, also successful.

    Plus, as the “reporting” was done by the Freep, it allows another “hey, maybe we shouldn’t trust the Freep when it comes to Michigan athletics ‘scoops'” reminder.