A fine job once again at the podium by the AD.

One historical nit, naturally.  About 14 minutes in Brandon mentioned this:

“..our percentage win-loss record overall over the last three years is the worst in our 131 [years] season history.”

Not so.  I didn’t go year by year but I know  Harry Kipke’s crew from 1934-1936 (including MVP Gerald Ford in ‘34) went 6-18, or .250.  Rodriguez, including the bowl game, went 15-22 or .405.

Here’s the video:


  1. Maybe he was speaking of our conference record?

  2. I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion that it's Brandon who is incompetent and needs to be fired….I'm more worried about our future now that I was yesterday.

  3. Nice catch on the record comment. Greg, a person can't pull one past you, can they?

    • Greg from MVictors

      Thanks OC. It irked me when everyone said RR had the "worst record ever" in the first season

  4. Great catch, Greg. I didn't notice Brandon said that, but once you brought it up, I had to check where the last three years ranked. It was the fourth-worst three-season stretch and third-worst three-year stretch. (Michigan's first three seasons didn't come in consecutive years.)

    1934-1936: 6-18 (.250)
    1935-1937: 9-15 (.375)
    1881, 1883, 1892: 8-12 (.400)
    2008-2010: 15-22 (.405)

  5. barnesaintnoble

    K.C. Keeler – Head Coach at University of Delaware! Delaware has deep coaching roots in the University of Michigan, as seen by their helmets. His team is playing for an FCS NC on Friday on ESPN. Watch it, you'll want this guy.

    Mike Trgovac – DL coach of the Green Bay Packers. He could be a great DC

  6. "It's a dynamic list. It has been over the last year. You put people on the list, you get to know them a little better some come off, others go on? it's not just a hard and fast list, but a list that's evolved and will continue to evolve." – Brandon on the Big Show from today

    Sounds like he's been ready to fire RR ever since he became AD. Hopefully we end up with a good coach but at this point I have my doubts.

  7. If Brady Hoke comes in…..that would be pretty weak…..took him 5 years to go 12-1 at Ball St. and his overall before that season was 22-37….if he was at UM, he wouldn’t have been given the chance to go 12-1, his arse would be fired….SDSU record is 14-13 with a 9-4 record last year….IF He gets the job it’s because he is a “Michigan Man”, not because he is top tier coach.

    I believe Brandon is better than this.


  8. It was the curse of ending Michigan Replay.
    @ :24 "keep this replay going"

    The new coach better bring it back or else…..