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Recall that earlier this year former Michigan WR Braylon Edwards made a friendly wager with his workout pal Michael Phelps:

…Edwards was sure this was taking his fitness to another level. So he and Phelps made a friendly wager. “For every gold you win in Beijing,” Edwards told the Olympian, “I’ve got to score two touchdowns this year.”
…Phelps called Edwards from Beijing soon after he won his final gold medal and reminded him of their bet. “I got eight,” Phelps said, “so that means you’ve got to get 16 touchdowns this year.”

“News flash,” Edwards said. “I did that last year. I’ll give you 17.”

News flash, it’s not looking so good for Bray. His mere three touchdown catches this season with seven games remaining mean Edwards better put up a truly Phelpsian performance and haul in a couple per game from new quarterback Brady Quinn. If last night was any indication, it’s not looking to good. Quinn and Edwards hooked up just once for fifteen yards.

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