10. November 2006 · Comments Off on Brent Petway Harrassed By Spartans · Categories: Archive 2006, Hoops, Michigan State

AirGeorgia@umich.edu – Brent Petway received all kinds of nasty emails from Spartan fans after the first game between these teams, stemming from a collision between he and Ager. Tormenting a guy on when he is on the court is one thing, but phone calls/emails to athletes is way overboard and should be considered a crime. I know it happens all the time but it is pretty sad. I’m not singling out Spartan fans; there have been several stories about Michigan fans sending hate emails to Chad Henne. Wondering how everyone gets the email address of these guys? No problem, for whatever reason Michigan publishes a link to its entire directory on umich.edu. Check it out. In many cases, the U provides not only university address, phone and email, but also home addresses and phone numbers.

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