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I noticed that Jim Harbaugh suddenly got a few votes in a recent poll question on this site concerning the next coach for Michigan. After over 500 votes the clear preference is for Les Miles with Jeff Tedford creeping behind.

For anyone who is thinking that Harbaugh might be a candidate– forget it. The bridge is not only burned but it is gone. Beating USC at their place is certainly a special victory but Harbaugh won’t coach in Ann Arbor in a billion million years.

There are a few takeways from the upset of Stanford over USC relevant to Michigan, both good and bad. On the positive side it is clear with every Mets-like collaspe, with each Fighting Irish low point and with upsets like this, the Appalachian State debacle seems to be fading from the top of the poop list. Here’s CFN:

Move over Appalachian State; Stanford just one upped you. ASU was a two-time defending national champion with a history of winning, and an excellent system in place, when it shocked the world with an upset over Michigan to begin the season. But as improbable as that was, it turns out Michigan just isn’t all that great. Also, if there’s usually going to be a big upset, it’ll come in the season opener when the supposedly superior team doesn’t have time to jell. After all, there aren’t any preseason games to use as tune ups.

The bad news? You know you’re actually still at the top of the poop list when everyone still uses you as the benchmark.

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