Good discussion on WTKA this week regarding many of the Michigan bests of the decades (team, player, etc.)    As far a the team of the decade is concerned, that distinction probably has to go to the 2005 national champion softball squad, with a nod to the 2001 field hockey unit.    The 2000s mark the first decade in which a men’s team failed to claim a national title in any sport.

Teams representing U-M have won fifty-two national championships over the years, the first being Fielding Yost’s 1901 legendary squad which outscored opponents 550-0.   Here’s the breakdown by decade:


Interesting that the 1989 hoops squad prevented the big bagel for the eighties.  Glen Rice and crew also ended a 19 years drought as both of the championships (Trampoline! and Gymnastics) from the prior decade were won in 1970.  Here’s to hoping the 2010s look a bit like the 1990s.


  1. Wasn’t the 2000s the decade of Bill Martin, too? Just saying. BTW Unfortunately, I don’t think this year’s basketball team will end the b-ball drought.

  2. yes I am sure it was the 2000’s